We're Launching a New location for the Blue Dolfins

The Blue Dolfins are Central Florida's oldest competitive swim team. Established in 1972 by the legendary coach Harry Meisel, the Blue Dolfins have helped to develop thousands of swimmers from age groupers just learning to swim to Olympic Trials qualifiers, including 1996 Olympian Jilen Siroky.

The Blue Dolfins tradition of excellence is carried on today in three locations. Head Coach Charlie Rose oversees over 150 swimmers at the 50-meter pool at the Oviedo Aquatic Complex and acts as the main branch of Blue Dolfins swimming. Coach Kevin Meisel (Harry's son) oversees a developmental branch at the Winter Park Racquet Club. Our newest branch, structured for ages 13 and up only, is here at Winter Park High School and is being overseen by Coach Joe Auer.

If you are interested in joining the Blue Dolfins at WPHS, contact Coach Joe at joe@bluedolfinsWPHS.com.