Monday - Friday @ Cady Way

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The Fins group is the beginning competitive group. The Fins are continuing to master the stroke technique for all 4 strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke). Flip turns and diving are also continued to be worked upon. The goal is for the Fins swimmers to become comfortable in the water, strive to increase their conditioning, become faster in each stroke, and begin entering swim meets.

As swimmers progress and master these basics, they will have an opportunity to become more competitive and move to our Juniors group.


Coach Hanako

Hanako Worrell is the head coach for the Fins. (Email Hanako:

Hanako started swimming at age 5 for Y Team Orlando before moving to the Blue Dolfins to swim for Coach Joe Auer. During her time as a high school swimmer, she was team captain for Hagerty and qualified for States all 4 years. She was a State finalist in the 100 free and 100 breast as well. Now she attends the University of Central Florida, studying International and Global studies while also being a part of the Air Force ROTC Program.