Practice ATTIRE & Equipment

Once your child is signed up and ready to go, he or she will need some equipment to make the most of practices. While we do not sell any equipment, there are plenty of affordable vendors available online. We have suggested some we know provide quality products below.


Swimmers are asked to wear a one-piece swim suit, which as few bows, rhinestones, or external decorations as possible. has a variety of low-cost practice suits that come in fun designs and or colors.


Once again, has affordable goggles - we do suggest tinted goggles since we are outside in the sun. 


We strongly encourage all swimmers to start wearing a swim cap from their first swim lessons onward. For our learn-to-swim group, we recommend a Hammer Head Swim Cap - these provide waterproof padding within the cap itself to protect the head against any types of bangs and hits (other swimmers’ arms, legs, the wall).

After a swimmer is more comfortable in the water, they may start using any swim cap from

Kickboard, Fins, and paddles

All swimmers must have a kickboard and fins. Once they advance to the Fins group, they will also need paddles for their hands. Once again, these are found affordable on If you have questions about styles, sizing, or brands, please consult your child’s coach. You might also want a waterproof bag to carry the equipment in.

T-SHIRT, shoes, and TOWEL

Always come to practice with clothes ready to do “dryland” exercises. Bring running shoes, socks, shorts, and t-shirt in addition to a towel.

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